Student-Athlete Insurance Information

Sports related injuries can occur while participating in athletics at Muskingum University. As an NCAA institution, Muskingum University provides required insurance coverage for all student-athletes. The coverage is in place for injuries that occur while a student-athlete is participating during the regular and non-traditional seasons.

This document provides an overview of the coverage provided and how that coverage will interact with any additional insurance coverage you may have.

How Things Work:

If an injury occurs that requires care off-campus (emergency room visit, visit to specialist, etc.) the injured student-athlete should be aware of the following steps to the process:

Your own insurance (through yourself or parents) is first used. This is known as your “primary coverage.”

The University offers “secondary coverage.” After your insurance has paid, if a balance remains, the secondary policy will help offset remaining costs.

It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to contact Susan Fracker at the MU Wellness Center to initiate/complete an injury insurance claim form.

The claim will be submitted to our athletic insurance company, First Agency, Inc. and the student will be given an insurance card at that time. This card must be presented to any provider(s) the student-athlete sees for their injury. Provider submitted billing associated with that claim will be processed by First Agency, Inc. after the student-athlete’s primary coverage has paid their allowable portion.

What if there is no coverage through your parents?

If a student-athlete does not have any coverage other than through the University, then bills are filed directly through First Agency, Inc. The University policies become primary coverage.

An important exception: Some physicians charge beyond what is ‘usual and customary’. The University insurance will not pay beyond the ‘usual and customary’ charge for services. You would be responsible for paying these expenses.

What you need to do:

If a University policy is to be used, the student-athlete should contact the Wellness Center to arrange completion of the necessary insurance documents. Our athletic training staff may help facilitate the documentation needed to submit any insurance paperwork. If you, or providers, have any questions about how policies work, feel free to contact Susan Fracker at the University Wellness Center.

Important contact information:

Susan Fracker
Director Wellness Center                                

Director of Athletic Training

Mailing Address:
Muskingum University
163 Stormont Street, New Concord, OH 43762

TO REVIEW: (for parents/guardians)

Medical bills will be sent directly from the provider(s) to First Agency, Inc. when the student-athlete presents their MU Athletics Insurance card (given to them by Susan Fracker upon completion of the claim form) at the time of service. If your son/daughter does not complete this claim form prior to being seen by a provider, it will be the responsibility of the student-athlete and parent/guardian to respond to ALL requests for billing information received from First Agency, Inc. or the MU Wellness Center. Should you fail to provide these documents in a timely manner, MU will NOT be responsible for payment or reimbursement of your out-of-pocket expenses. Insurance is time sensitive! Do not ignore requests for information!

ie. During an emergency, the MU Wellness Center may not be open. The student-athlete is transported and receives care, submitting their primary insurance at the time of care. Upon return to campus during regular MU Wellness Center hours, the student-athlete must complete a claim form and will be provided with a First Agency, Inc. insurance card. This is now your secondary insurance.

All bills will be sent to the primary insurance provided at the time of treatment and associated billing information will be sent to the address(es) provided by the student-athlete. The student-athlete:

1.) May contact the medical provider to request the secondary policy information be added to their billing account.


2.) Respond to requests from MU and First Agency, Inc. providing copies of the primary insurance Explanation of Benefits, appropriate diagnosis, procedure codes, itemized billing statements,  copies of receipts for any paid services, etc. as requested.

IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT-ATHETE/ PARENT/ GUARDIAN to provide this information to First Agency, Inc. if a claim is filed AFTER services have been rendered, or the student-athlete failed to provide the secondary policy information at the time of service!